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“As a veteran who has been through three overseas deployments, I know first-hand how critical it is to support military families,” said DeChant, “These families sometimes experience a traumatic shift in their daily routines. What might seem like a small family issue to some is often magnified for the military family because of the deployment of a loved one. It’s important that these families get the support they deserve and know that people do care about them.”


Editorial Journal

Anti-Immigration Sentiments are Foolish: Feds Should Regulate Corporate Emigration»

And the economy sucks because, among a plethora of other reasons, so many companies are taking operations overseas leaving a void in the employment market. Can we PLEASE start talking about illegal CORPORATE EMIGRATION, NOT illegal IMMIGRATION.

A Different Perspective on Tri-C’s Personal Service Contracts»

With an annual budget of $260 million, college execs are free to pick buddies, neighbors, in-laws, local heroes, famous or not-so-famous corporate execs, and even nobodies to perform duties that can be called “personal services.”

The Mosaic

A Little Sprinkle of Tinseltown Available to Tri-C Students at the Metro Campus»

What started out as a discussion more than 3 years ago has turned into what could be the most technologically advanced video production learning center in Northeast Ohio. Last April, Tri-C Metro introduced the new Media Arts Center, located in the heart of the campus in the Liberal Arts building.
Bob Bryan, the Executive Director […]

What Role does Coustomer Service Play in Student Satisfaction?»

Picture this: You are having a great day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you just found a five-dollar bill in your back pocket. Life can’t get any better. You walk up to the counter of a business only for the clerk to greet you unprofessionally and with […]

The High Point

I Missed the Bus into Town»

“The next twenty odd minutes were ugly…the idea of this U-Pass program on the surface borders on magnanimity and sincere chivalry, however, the actual facts draped in Eliot’s shadow of darkness give way to an ugly reality.”

Cleveland’s History of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard»

In the January, 2008 issue of Ebony magazine, Adrienne P. Samuels in “King Street, USA” focused on streets named in honor of slain civil rights leader. Martin Luther King Jr. and how this impacts the lives of those who live along these roadways. There are approximately 800 streets across the U.S. named in honor of […]

The Spectrum

Possible New Passport Laws May Halt Quickie Road Trips to Canada»

The days of simply driving up to the booth at the U.S./Canadian border, answering a few questions and flashing a photo ID are soon to be over.

Flash drive loss prominent among Tri-C students; internet may hold a cure»

Using such web services is more organized and simpler than the standard practice of emailing oneself documents. This eliminates having a jam-packed mail box of duplicates because users can edit their work using these online tools on the fly and avoid the risk of losing valuable data if they lose a flash drive.